At the end of tourneys, only one team or individual gets to lift that silverware over their head or take it home, while the others are left with thoughts on what exactly went wrong for them and maybe get a medal.

But, would it really be a competition if there was no trophy at stake?

No doubt, the thought of winning their first trophy or adding one more to the cabinet brings out the best in competitors and that gets even more exciting when the event is a championship. Ask any championship winner and they’ll tell you just how much it means to get their hand on that trophy.

Others would go as far as building a fabulous looking trophy case and always jump at opportunities show off their trophies. The famous soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has a museum for his sports trophies and a special gallery in it for his championship trophies.

What makes a championship trophy so memorable?

We’ll reveal the best ten reasons in this post and maybe you can understand why it means so much.

1.A Victory At The Highest level

For one thing, not everyone gets to be at the championships and a whole lot of work would always go into claiming that top accolade. Many athletes or sportsmen would die with their dreams of participating in a championship or winning sports trophies unfulfilled.

So, while anyone could win a prize anywhere, Championship trophies are only won at Championships - a place where only the best are fit to compete. You could buy trophies online but not championship trophies. You have to work for them.

To win an Australian Open trophy, a tennis player will have to beat the best in the game and this is no easy feat.

Claiming this trophy simply means being declared the ‘best among the best’ and is a clear reason why these sports trophies are so valuable to the winners.

2. Increased Confidence

Winning a trophy at a major championship serves as a major boost to any athlete or a team and can mark the beginning of other incredible achievements to follow. They will feel ‘on top of the world’ and psychology says that it is a lot easier to win when you have more confidence than when you are at your lowest point.

Having a pleasant trophy memory to reflect on can go on to be the difference between a Golden State Warrior team beating any of the new boys in the NBA championship and the small odds of an upset taking place.

A professional has a lot more confidence when compared to an amateur with no trophies to show for their efforts and even though an amateur could buy trophies to make themselves feel good, they simply cannot buy the confidence that comes from winning a championship trophy. Read the full article at Olympia Trophies Corporate.