1. Miley and Bella Hadid played with this pig.

2. Nick Jonas was looking fine with champagne.

3. Beyoncé worked it out.

4. Reese and Dakota licked lollipops.

5. And Kim Licked Kanye.

6. Minday Kaling hung out with her boys.

7. And Taylor hung out with hers.

8. Lady Gaga got glam.

9. Britney had a family day.

10. Karlie and Gigi posed while making us jealous.

11. Oprah practiced her lines.

12. Zach got moody with his ride.

13. Shay was simply stunning.

14. Leighton and friends were cold.

15. Lena showed off her hearts.

16. Chrissy rocked her new hair.

17. And Drake enjoyed some fireworks.

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