1. This Loch Ness ladle.

This Loch Ness ladle. animicausa.com

What every soup needs. Available here ($15.99).

2. These magical salt and pepper wands.




Maybe they’ll also turn your seasonings into fairy dust? Available here ($12.95).

3. This bowl that eliminates the problem of soggy cereal.




I know some of us like it soggy, but some of us really do not. Available here ($11.99).

4. These mirror teacups.




Only available in Japan, but that GIF alone should be enough to make your day.

5. This goldfish tea bag.

This goldfish tea bag. charmvilla.com / Via boredpanda.com

Turn a clear mug of tea into a fishbowl for a more exciting afternoon pick-me-up. Unfortunately, they’re only available in Taiwan.

6. This whale tea infuser.

This whale tea infuser. amazon.com / Via boredpanda.com

Available here ($14).

7. This taco truck taco holder.

This taco truck taco holder. amazon.com

Because, duh. Available here ($13).

8. These muffin top baking cups.

These muffin top baking cups. amazon.com

This one almost feels mean. Available here ($13.50).

9. This toilet mug.

This toilet mug. amazon.com

Potty humor. Available here ($12.99).

10. These utensils that double as pens.

These utensils that double as pens. amazon.com

You know, in case dinner conversation is so exceptional that you need to take notes. Available here ($9).

11. This twirling spaghetti fork.

This twirling spaghetti fork. amazon.com

Because spinning that fork yourself is way hard. Available here ($9.50).

12. This tool that makes square hard-boiled eggs.

This tool that makes square hard-boiled eggs. amazon.com

Because egg-shaped eggs are so predictable. Available here ($5.25).

13. This monogrammed branding iron.

This monogrammed branding iron. hammacher.com

So that your steak is really YOUR steak. Customizable, and available here ($58.95).

14. This Oreo dipper.

This Oreo dipper. thedipr.com

You need this. You know who you are. Available here ($2.99).

15. This microwave s’mores maker.




Flattens the s’mores as they nuke! Available here ($15.30).

16. This “Say Cheese!” slicer.

This "Say Cheese!" slicer. gamago.com

Backordered (obviously), but definitely worth waiting for. Order here.

17. This carrot sharpener.

This carrot sharpener. ebay.com

Peelers are for losers. Available here ($3.99).

18. This condiment gun.

This condiment gun. amazon.com

For a shot of flavor. Available here ($19.99).

19. This axe pizza cutter.

This axe pizza cutter. amazon.com

Available here ($9).

20. This to-go lunchbox.

This to-go lunchbox. amazon.com

Admit it, you order Chinese food mostly for the packaging. Available here ($12).

21. This pizza slice cookie cutter.

This pizza slice cookie cutter. amazon.com

Because even COOKIES taste better when they’re shaped like pizza. Available here($7.20).

22. This gadget that makes cylindrical omelettes.




Because eggs should be shaped like popsicles? Available here ($29.99).

23. This motorized ice cream cone.

This motorized ice cream cone. genius-gadgets.com

For nice even licks. Available here ($12.99).

24. This indoor picnic table.

This indoor picnic table.