If you are thinking to master music as a first-time artist or as an experienced music producer, this article will indicate some of the mistakes that you should avoid. This article will also help you to know the approach towards the mastering process to get the better results.

In the earlier days, mastering was only under the control of the specialists who work by wearing the lab coats, operating behind the locked doors and working with the expensive instrument and mysterious tools. But, talking about the present times, now anyone and more or else anyone having the DAW can do it. But it is not too easy to be done by anyone. It is a specialized practice than any other type of recording and mixing activities, at times requires a soft touch. The advanced mastering tools are really powerful, but you should be very much careful in applying them to bring out a good mix. Keeping in mind, here are some of the points that you can keep in mind while utilizing mixing and mastering services-

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1.    Do not be an Island-
One of the first things a mixer hear at times when starting the mastering process for the first time is the “don’t”!!! Let be the real sound engineer handle it. The people who offer the suggestion do not mean to impugn the skills of the engineer. No matter how much the engineer is skilled and experienced, after listening to hundred of songs, the professional can focus on the minute of the arrangement.

2.    Do not think it is Mix, it is “master”
Some of the main tools that are used for mastering include EQ, limiting, and compression. These tools are used for both mastering and mixing. But, the application requires being subtle. The choice that you make when you are using EQ in each of the tracks or compressing the particular part- the degree of tonal change or the amount and gain riding. The process of mastering includes gentler hand- EQ, tools are measured in single dBS and half dBs. The compression ratios are in the range around 1.5:1-2;1.

3.    Do not mess up the Mids-
The midrange is the place where most of the fundamental and harmonics of the musical instruments lie. A good mix is very vital to treat all the important midrange area carefully, making the adjustments at slightly different frequencies for frequent tracks.

Apart from the above mistakes, you do not skimp on the bands. It is very important to employ multiband compressors. A professional audio master can avoid the mistakes while mastering online and making the best sounds.