Throughout only 30 years, Star Wars epic space opera franchise has managed to become a worldwide pop culture phenomenon focusing itself not only on its sci-fi elements and incredible special effects but rather on simple daily human truths.

At least, everyone’s sure about that… but what if we tell you some of the saga’s portrayed wisdom can be used for gaining a perfect employment? Still doubting? We’ll try to change your mind by providing interesting facts and advice so that you’ll draw inspiration for the job search from your favorite Start Wars characters.

1. Jedi Mind Trick

Okay, so that everyone knows for sure what this actually means, a mind trick was an ability of the Force that allowed the practitioner to influence the thoughts of the affected, generally to the user's advantage. Definitely, it’s not going to work the same way as the Force has been using this stick for their benefits, although there is something to learn from.

First, make sure all the necessary skills mentioned in the job posting correspond to qualifications on your resume and cover letter. This is when the “trick” is about to work: as the recruiter looks through your whole application, he will know for sure that you’re the employee he has been looking for. You may use resume professional writers review to make sure your resume or CV will get plenty of attention!

2. Enhanced Reflexes

The power gives its users a drastically enhanced reaction speed. Star Wars Jedi used this ability to fight their enemies, meanwhile, you having no particular enemies to confront can use the enhanced reflex to stay flexible during your job search.

As you’re handling the job search, be ready to answer the employer’s calls and emails quickly, no matter if you’re trying to keep up with daily problems at work or home. Showing the highest level of organization, staying diligent and keeping everything under control would guarantee your success.

3. Force Vision

The ability to see into the past and the future once possessed by all Jedi rescued them in many times. In fact, foreseeing the future can become your most powerful tool in the entire job search. In spite of your inability to possess the true Force vision, it’s possible to foresight some of the things that would likely take place during your interview, for instance.

So what you can do, is to get ready for the interview in advance and learn some information about the company’s organization, policy, staff and even find a former employee to tell you what exactly to expect on the interview. With the power of Internet, this wouldn’t take a lot of time, but the benefit would be priceless.

And don’t forget to research the company’s average salary so that you could negotiate the right amount with the employer.

4. Lifting Objects With Your Mind

No, it’s not like you have to learn the art of telekinesis to succeed in your job search. Still, the mind should dominate over matter. Having the right mindset would help you avoid frustration after some of your failed tries to land on your first/second or even third job position. Remember that almost no one gets his prize from his first time. Keep going with your head up.