A criminal conviction at trial does not need to be the end of your legal battle. Criminal appeals attorney James Crawford has extensive experience appealing wrongful convictions. Mr. Crawford utilizes all scientific evidence and legal analysis in defense of people who were wrongfully convicted of all crimes. He also hires own private investigators available for your benefit and an advantageous result and interview witnesses and victims to identify the facts and dissect and assemble evidence to establish a winning defense. Mr Crawford is well respected by many attorneys, judges, and prosecutors for his tenacity, reputation, court room deliberation and results.

At the Law Offices of James M. Crawford, many things happen right away, and over time — all of them good. Your side of the story will be taken seriously. Your state or federal charges, and circumstances of your arrest, will be carefully investigated. Your accusers will be thoroughly discredited. And your rights will be protected from start to finish, arraignment to outcome and appeal if needed. At the end of our working relationship, you will know that your interests have been diligently defended.

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