Eyes with the beautiful lashes look good and also enhance the look of your face. Some of the women face the problem of inadequate eyelashes and they use false eyelashes as an option. Instead, some of the women order careprost online. This is the remedy which is used for treating eyelashes and glaucoma. This medication is used by women safely as it is FDA approved. This medication contains bimatoprost ophthalmic solution as an active ingredient. This solution will result in effective results and minimum side effects.

Inadequate eyelashes: If you are using this solution for the treatment of eyelashes then you need to first remove the cosmetic from your eyes. If you have any contact lenses then do remove those 15 minutes before. This bimatoprost ophthalmic solution should be applied on the upper eyelid of the eyes and make sure that you use only the prescribed amount. Having inadequate eyelashes is a condition which affects the length as well as the thickness of the eyelashes.

Glaucoma: This is a condition which affects the eye pressure and makes the excess of fluid flow out of the eyes. This condition can even sometimes make the person blind and also damage the nerves of the eyes. To treat this condition you need to instill one drop of careprost in your eyes and press the corner of the eye so that excess of fluid can be eliminated from the eyes. 

Negative effects: If you use careprost bimatoprost ophthalmic solution online then you may have some of the effects like a headache, dizziness and respiratory tract infections. Other than these side effects you can have some of the serious side effects like itching, irritation, inflammation of the eyelid, visual changes, sensitivity towards the light, darkening of iris, pigmentation around eyes and darkening of eyelashes. If you notice that these symptoms are getting worse then you need to seek a help from your healthcare provider.

Restricted users: This eye solution should not be used by the people who have any of the allergy towards this solution. Even if you are you have any of the medical history related to kidney, liver or respiratory disease then you should stay away from the use of this eye serum. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should stay away from the use of this solution as it may pass on to their child. If you want to use this medication then make sure that you remove the contact lenses if any before using this medication.

Precautions: Careprost should not be let interacted with any part of the body as it may lead to unwanted hair growth on other parts of the body. You need to use this eye serum on regular basis to get the desired results. If you stop the use of this medication then your eyelashes may return to the original length. The bottle of careprost medication should only be used for one month and the leftover medication should be disposed off. This medication will start giving you the result within 6 weeks but even after using this medication for 2 months you do not experience any effect then do stop the use of the medication.