There is an answer to the question, how do I find a good electric laboratory mixer? Continue reading and you will find out so much more. Electric stirrers and air stirrers are for a laboratory, the two basic types of overhead stirrers. And for various mixing purposes, they are each put to use. Various accessories come with each, such as a stand for greater control and stability and also, stirring components. When you are seeking the ideal electric laboratory stirrer for your facility, consider what it is you should be keeping in mind.

Keep Dust Out

In a production facility, research department or laboratory, many different elements are put into use. This results invariably in a lot of dust and residue which to sensitive equipment can cause damage. This is one of the primary reasons that users will opt to invest in electric mixers with a non-ventilated, completely enclosed motor. The corrosive fumes and the dust will then be kept out longer. This adds to the extent of time the equipment will last and also limit the number of service concerns.

The Need For Speed

Based on the viscosity of just what is being mixed, an overhead mixer operates differently. As an example, much more easily through thinner liquids as opposed to thicker liquids will the laboratory stirrer work. This is why the stirrer used must offer you the option of regulating the speed. You also want to have one with overload protection to avoid broken parts and overheating from occurring.

Spills Can Happen

It can be potentially dangerous if an element gets spilled or splashes. These incidents make safety precautions so crucial. You will also want the electric stirrers you employ to be enclosed control box equipped. The components are then protected from corrosive spills and splashes. You also want to remember to have a 316 stainless steel propeller and shaft that is resistant to most acids and chemicals.

Simple To Use

Being simple to use is so important for laboratory equipment. Complex products confuse personnel and diminish the safety factor. In addition, they take a lot more effort and time to properly operate. The equipment should always have a safety light indicating if it is turned off or on. And to create the necessary mixtures needed, it should be easy to change the speed and the torque.

In the ideal overhead electric laboratory stirrer, durability and versatility are truly major features. You also want one with easy to find accessories and for greater peace of mind, a warranty!