For generations, word-of-mouth advertising was one of the most effective ways to establish a business was legitimate and get people to try its offerings. Today word-of-mouth goes beyond sharing your finds with friends, neighbors, and co-workers in-person. Social media plays a great role in getting people to notice your company.

Designated Accounts

Businesses need to have their own designated accounts on popular social media websites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. It also helps to occasionally share info about your business on your personal accounts. That should be done infrequently so your friends and family do not get tired of your updates. This is the main reason to establish accounts specifically for the business. People following them want your company updates.

Sharing is Caring

Social media is what the name implies - a place to interact. Delivering a monolog shows you are rather indifferent to the needs of others and only focused on your own - not a formula for popularity or lead generation. The goal is to connect, interact, and deliver important updates. Share news that pertains to your industry to help promote updates made by others. This builds a relationship along with the credibility of your company.

Update Regularly

If you never update your accounts, people quickly lose interest. Ongoing updates keep your followers engaged. Share your blog entries, include updates from industry experts, and post the latest subject specific news. Make sure to create an email list so you can send news via email messages. This time-consuming work can also be outsourced to a marketing professional so you have time to keep developing your business products and ideas.