You worked hard for years and now it's time to play hard. You've earned the right to retire. At first, it seems like a radical lifestyle change and some seniors wonder how they will face it. Discover five benefits of retirement and the joy that comes from hard work.

1. Sleep Late

The days of answering to an alarm clock are over. You can now live according to your own rhythm and get up when your body is ready to face the day. 

2. Do What You Like

Instead of doing things you have to do, you can actually spend days doing what you like. From watching a TV marathon to hiking by a lake, the world is your oyster.

3. Get a New Hobby

There's nothing to keep you feeling active and enthused like a new hobby. Make jewelry, play a sport, or start your own business. It's all about what you want to do.

4. Make Friends

From senior living communities to senior centers, there is a variety of place where you can make friends who are looking to share their newfound retirement time.

5. Volunteer

If you have the need to work, volunteer some time for a cause you always believed in and make a real human (or animal) connection.