Cooking with your kids can be fun. Sure it's messy and if you're cooking with chocolate chips, be prepared for more of them to be eaten than used in the recipe. The mess is totally worth it though as kids love to be included in anything in the kitchen. Teaching your kids to cook gives them awesome life skills and gives them culinary confidence for later in life. Think about it; teach them young and before you know it, they will be cooking YOU dinner. Bonus!

1. The easiest chocolate chip cookies you will EVER make (and truly, the best). 

This is my go-to recipe for chocolate chip cookies. It requires no stand mixer (which I love) and is pretty much a 1 bowl recipe. The cookies are perfect every time and taste incredible. I get asked for this recipe all the time. 

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2. 1 bowl chocolate cake recipe.

This is another one of my recipes that is on permanent rotation. I make this when I need cupcakes or a layer cake and the best part, the recipe is able to be halved if you don't need a lot of mixture. Again, this one requires no stand mixer but there is some boiling water needed at the end which I would not suggest letting your kids do. Other than that, this recipe is kid-friendly and delicious!

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3. Apple "roses".

These are cute with a capital 'C' and soooo easy to make. The kids will feel very proud of themselves when they make this one as it looks super impressive despite its simplicity. 

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4. Easy peasy pepperoni pizza crescents. 

All kids love pizza (except for my youngest but she is a freak). These pizza crescents are simple and oh so fun to make and I am guessing they are delicious too. On a night when you don't have a lot of time, the kids can pretty much make their own supper. Winning!

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