As evident from its name, an overhead laboratory stirrer is basically a mechanical stirrer used for mixing together two or more liquids perfectly in a lab. These are basically used for mixtures that demand rigorous overhead stirring due to the varying viscosities of the fluids or liquids. Electronic lab stirrers are a notch better than manual stirrers because the former is capable of maintaining the exact same speed even under changing load! The exact functions and features of an overhead laboratory stirrer differ from one model to another. Therefore, it is advisable to take your pick carefully to ensure that the stirrer is in line with your requirements and preferences.

When selecting your overhead laboratory stirrer it is also advisable to pay attention to features such as the stirring speed, stirring rod, overload protection, and dynamic speed control.

If you are mixing together two or more liquids which should react in a closed system or vessel then it would be advisable to get the magnetic laboratory stirrer. These are also useful when it comes to stirring small volumes of non-viscous fluids or liquids. In case of this type of stirrer, the stirrer bar rotates within the solution owing to the rotating magnetic field. They also come with a hotplate.

To ensure that you get the most out of your investment it would be advisable to go for an overhead laboratory stirrer which is run by a brushless DC motor. The reason why you should opt for this is that such motors are highly efficient and maintenance-free. In other words, the wear-and-tear of such a motor is considerably slow, therefore it does not need replacing every now and then