Human being life mingles with problem and success. Healthy life is needed much more in every one life, because it only leaded into happy at every moment of life. Both male and female gender had problem in their health. In this article you will see the major health issues in men life.

Cardio vascular disease

The world largest human killer disease is a heart problem; this news reveals by the World Health Organization. Yes, heart problem is the first disease to close many peoples' lives, especially many men died due to heart problem. Heart disease is the first enemy in human being's life. Stroke is the second largest disease to kill human life. Every year, 2.8 million affected by this disease in the USA. There are a various reason said by the medical advisor for heart disease and stroke.

Erectile dysfunction or male impotence

Erectile dysfunction or Ed is not a dangerous disease, but it indicates the body health condition to men. Yes, today 10 out of 2 men suffer from erectile dysfunction in this world. Ed means men could not achieve or maintain the erection during the relationship with his partner in bed. Many men feel very sad and go into very depression path due to their weakness. But erectile dysfunction is easily overcome using the drug treatment like Forzest, Kamagra, and online generic Viagra. Few of them avoid the Ed problem using the non-drug treatment like penile implants. Natural food diet also supports to overcome the erectile dysfunction.

Lungs Cancer

Natural food diet also supports to overcome the erectile dysfunction. The most ugly, aggressive and worst disease in this world is Lung cancer. It is easily spread around the lungs and finally kills the human life. The main reason of lung cancer is smoking habit. People smoking the cigarettes that time the harmful tobacco smoke enters into the lungs and make very bad effects. Today advanced medical field is reducing the effects of lung cancer and also possible to cure the disease whether it is found in the very early stage. Quitting the smoking habits is the best way to skip the lung cancer and save the future generation from various harmful disease effects.


Diabetes is a silent killer; normally it acts as very silently without any symptoms in the human body. Over years, blood sugar level creeps better, eventually spilling into the urine. The ensuing regular urination and thirst lead the people into way of hospital. If the glucose level is increased more and more then it acts like poison on blood vessels and nerves system in the body slowly. Several men affect in diabetes disease, but one good news is you can reduce and overcome the diabetes disease by following the regular food diets and doctor’s advice.

Depression or stress

Every year, approximately 6 million people suffer in depression including suicide thoughts reports by Researchers at The National institute of Mental health. Compared to women men are more suffering with this disease? Modern day work activities; family problem and environmental situation make more depression in man’s life.


There are a lot of diseases in this world, and I explain the major health issues problem in men life. Taking prevention methods is good for men body health. The above mention problem is overcome by following the simple exercise like running, cycling, and swimming. In daily life follow the health food diets such as adding the nutritional rich vegetables and fruits. Nutrition values of vegetables and fruits supports to boost the men body health conditions. A fresh sea food is also providing good health to the body. Regular health checks up and follow the doctor advice is also protect the body from various infections.