No matter how you slice it, we Americans love our pizza. But is there a way to quantify just how much we love it? It turns out that there kind of is.

According to a poll conducted by the restaurant chain CiCi’s Pizza and reported in the New York Daily News, the average American will devour at least 6,000 slices during the course of a lifetime. CiCi’s survey of 1,000 people also found that one-third of those who eat pizza do so at least once a week, and one in 10 of us eats as many as three slices as often as three times a week. And while 85 percent say they eat pizza mostly because they enjoy the way it tastes (thin crust or deep dish, one-third of us don’t care which), 47 percent of us admit that convenience is a pretty big factor too.

Convenience aside, 26 percent of us say we make our own pizzas every couple of months, 23 percent every month and 6 percent every single week.

Yea, that’s a lot of ‘za.

And if it has suddenly put you in the mood to make your own pizza, Food Network Magazine has 50 pizza recipes to get you started. By the time you’re done eating your way through 50 pizzas, at eight slices per pie, you’ll be only 5,600 slices away from hitting the grand 6,000 mark. No rush, though.

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