React initially came out for web applications to improve User Interface (UI) better. Later React Native focused on Mobile UI in a similar way. Brought by Facebook, it is used to build cross platform apps using JavaScript (JS). The reusable code of React Native helps to create iOS and Android apps and deliver a smooth user experience. Cross platform apps can be created rapidly with React Native. There is no need to build your app twice for iOS and Android platforms. With just one single code, you can get a mobile app for both the platforms. Developers enjoy building apps with React Native and business owners can reach a wider audience with such apps. It is considered to be a cost effective option to build mobile applications.

React Native comes with a wide range of tools and practices to create high performance iOS and Android applications. It is the best cross platform language and you do not need to hire several developers for building the app. React Native comes with ready-to-use components that work with the phone hardware such as GPS, camera, push notifications, Bluetooth, and others.

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