You might have heard about installing WordPress theme using WordPress Admin or FTP. But have you ever tried installing a WordPress theme manually for your website? Today we are going to elaborate you the complete process of installing a WordPress theme manually. Before that, you should be familiar with the terms like

  • What is WordPress?
  • What is a WordPress theme?
  • Installation of WordPress on your domain name server(DNS)

If you are known to all these basics of WordPress then installing WordPress theme manually will be an easy task.

Installation Process

The process of installing a WordPress theme is very easy. First of all, choose an attractive and eye-catching theme for your website and follow these simple steps of installation:

Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Switch to Appearance tab > Select Themes option > Click on Add New button

WP themes Installation Process

Here you will see an option to upload your theme on the top of the screen. So now you can click on the “Browse” button to search your computer for the relevant files and select the .ZIP file for your downloaded theme extension. Once you are done with selecting the desired theme, just click on the ‘Upload’ button. And here you go, within few minutes your theme will be installed and ready to use. The final step in this process is WordPress theme activation.

WordPress Theme Activation

It is as simple as clicking a button. Once the theme is uploaded successfully, just click on the ‘Activate’ link and it’s done. Now you need not do anything. You are all set to use the newly uploaded theme.

Similarly, if you are looking for an update in your existing WordPress theme then it is also as simple as installing a new one.

Updating a WordPress Theme

Before updating any theme just check for the latest version of the theme is available or not. If you found an updated version of the theme then proceed to the update process. First of all, activate a temporary theme for your website which will work during the update. Now, click on the ‘Theme Details’. From here you will get to know that your existing theme or a child theme of it is active or not. If it showing a red link there, it means the theme is active. To remove that theme just click on the red link and it will be simply removed from your database. Now just follow the steps for the installation of a new theme and get your theme updated.

Activation Key

If you are installing a premium theme, it will prompt you for an activation key. You will get an activation key along with the theme at the time of purchase. To activate the theme, go to ‘Appearance’ tab and click on ‘Customizr Pro Key’ button. Now, paste your activation key here and save it. Your theme is active now.

Download and save the latest version of best free Wordpress themes as a .ZIP file from some reliable resource and complete process by which one can easily install or update a WordPress theme manually. Follow the above guidelines and try it by your own.