Women terminate her pregnancy due to some or other reason. Some of the women terminate her pregnancy due to health issues whereas some terminate due to economic issues. Many of the women due to expensive surgical termination process choose medical termination to have a safe and successful abortion at home corners. Most of the women order online MTP kit for the pregnancy termination process. This is the safest and the best pill for pregnancy termination.

MTP kit has 5 essential pills one is Mifepristone and other is Misoprostol.

Step 1:

To begin the process you first need to intake Mifepristone. This pill is an anti-progesterone pill which helps to terminate the pregnancy. This medication helps to block the hormones that are responsible for making the pregnancy grow. Once the hormones are blocked the survival of the fetus becomes difficult. This Abortion Pill helps to shed the uterus lining and makes the fetus separated from the uterus.

Step 2:

After 24 hours of intaking the first pill, you need to gulp the second pill. This pill helps to dilate the cervix and makes the uterus to expand so that pregnancy parts can be expelled. This pill for pregnancy termination should be taken buccally and you need to make sure that you dissolve this medication with the help of saliva and then gulp it.

Step 3:

After you buy online MTP kit and use it for the medical termination process you need to have an ultrasound. Having an ultrasound test is important so that you can confirm with the success of the pregnancy termination. Concluding with pregnancy termination is important so that you can confirm that pregnancy termination is successful. In case if it is incompletely terminated, you need to consult your gynecologist for further process.

MTP Kit should not be accessed by some of the women and they include:

  1. Women whose age are above 35 years should be restricted so that they can avoid further complications.
  2. Women having any of the medical conditions related to heart, Liver, kidney, diabetes, uterine rupture and intestinal infection should avoid the use of Abortion Pills.
  3. Women who are allergic to any of the components of this Abortion Pill should stay away from the use of these medications.
  4. If the intrauterine device is present in the body, then women should remove this device and then use MTP kit pills.


MTP kit online should be intake only if your gestation period is up to 9 weeks. If your gestation period is above 9 weeks, then you need to seek an advice from your gynecologist. Till 2 weeks of using MTP kit, you need to avoid physical labor and sexual intercourse. You are also suggested to avoid the use of tampons so that the infection can be avoided. After using this pregnancy termination pill for 1st-trimester abortion you may bleed, which can make you weak, so make sure that you have a proper diet and plenty of fluids to make up for the lost blood. You can buy Abortion Pill online from online stores make you available with the medication handy and also help you to maintain the privacy of the pregnancy termination.