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A past study revealed that there are more pets than children in American homes. There are a number of good reasons to own one. They help enhance mood, reduce stress, combat loneliness and are amazing buddies. But these adorable creatures can also pose serious risks to your health. Apart from the hair that falls everywhere inside your home, pet odor also starts accumulating gradually. One can get rid of odor with the help of air fresheners, but the fragrance does not reflect the degree of cleanliness. There are professional pet odor cleaning companies in Long Island that provide a thorough cleaning, but before hiring one, it’s good to gain a better understanding of the many health hazards that pet urine and odor brings along.

1.Respiratory Infections: Common cat urine contains ammonia, which can  be quite corrosive if present in high levels in its liquid form. Mostly, pet  urine does not contain enough ammonia to cause any major health problem, but if  it sits too long in your home, it can cause serious health issues particularly  to asthma and COPD patients. The inhalation of ammonia released from cat pee in  a room can cause irritation to healthy lungs. And if the lungs are already  affected, as in asthma patients, even the mild odor of ammonia can enhance the  problem. Hiring a pet odor cleaning  company in Long Island can help you free your home from harmful odors to ensure  a healthy indoor environment.  

 2.Adverse Effect on Mood: There have been various studies conducted to  observe the effect of a good odor on mood and behavior. We all must have  experienced at one time how a pleasant fragrance rejuvenates mood whereas a bad  odor makes one unhappy. So if you notice mood swings in your husband or your  kids in a room where your pet stays most of the time, then the culprit can be  the bad pet odor. Getting professional a pet odor removal service in Nassau and Suffolk can help you maintain a happy  environment in your home.

3.Animal Allergies: If you have a cat at home and are experiencing  wheezing or hives; coughing or a rash on the face or chest; irritated, red  eyes; and a runny, stuffy or itchy nose and sneezing, then you might be  suffering from a cat allergy. Many people suffering from cat allergies think  that it is the pet’s fur that is the reason, but to your surprise, the real cause  can be the pet urine odor. Getting assistance from a pet odor cleaning companies in Long Island can help you curb it in  the initial stages. Other unpleasant effects of the urine odor include  headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and sore throat.    

Pet urine and odor removal is vital for the healthfulness and cleanliness of a home. Kids are at a greater risk than adults in developing symptoms and illnesses. Make sure that the litter boxes are not placed in carpeted areas in order to prevent ammonia from absorbing into them and crystallizing. Professional pet odor removal service in Nassau and Suffolk assists in making your home free of pet odor using the industry’s best cleaning practices and tools. Effective services are required at the earliest convenience to eradicate the root cause and leave both the carpet as well as your entire home healthier as well as safer.