There are four questions to ask an office cleaning service and the answers you receive from these questions will help you decide which one to hire.

Asking Questions is Important

#1. One question to ask is "How long have you been in business?"

This is important to ask because businesses with poor service records often do not stay in business for long. Businesses that have been around for a long time satisfy their customers and will have good service records.

#2. Another question to ask is, "May I check your references?" Companies that are productive and doing well will have many satisfied customers that can be used as references. Be careful of a company that won't provide you with references.

Ask if the Business is Licensed

3. Still another question you can ask is, "Is your company licensed?" Of course, the answer to this question should be yes. Proving that a company is licensed should be easy. Along with being licensed, a cleaning company should also be insured.

Are They Bonded?

#4. "Are your employees bonded?" This is another very important question to ask. This is important because if one of their employees steal something from you, they should be responsible for whatever was stolen.

Background Checks are Important!

One other important question to ask is, "Do you perform background checks on your employees?" Remember, these employees will be coming and going in your home and you need to know if any of them has a criminal background.

To conclude, asking questions of a cleaning service is important and can save you time, frustration and having to hire another company. The goal is to hire a reputable NYC cleaning company you can depend on to do a great job.