WordPress is a well-organized content management system but people still mess up their WordPress website by installing lots of low-quality plugins and uploading unwanted data. Eventually, it will cause slow down of the website and a significant drop in your website’s visitor list. It also affects overall ranking for your website in search engines. There are some important tactics to cope up with this problem and maintain a good performance as well as higher rankings.

Easy Ways To Boost Your Website Rankings

Grab a GEasy Ways To Boost Your Website Rankingsood Web Host

First and foremost thing in order to optimize a WordPress website is getting a good web host. In most of the cases, website owners fail to choose a good hosting plan for their business which ultimately leads to poor results. We always recommend users to go for a professional web hosting if you are looking your business in a long run. WPEngine is one of the powerful hosts for WordPress hosting.

Be Selective About the Theme

Don’t run for a fancy theme which looks pretty cool but overloads your website with unnecessary plugins and attachments which in turn degrades your website’s performance. Always go for a light-weight responsive professional themes of WordPress with a lesser number of plugins. It will help you in reducing the loading time of the website and support multiple platforms.

Compress Images Before Uploading

Images contribute a large room on your website. If you add a lot of images to your website then it will slow down the speed of the website. Try to compress the images before uploading it to your website. WP Smush.it plugin helps you in optimizing the image without compromising the quality of the image. It removes the unwanted bytes from the image file thus help to optimize your WordPress website.

Watch your Plugins

Plugins are very important for a website’s overall performance. Always choose only required plugins for your website. Don’t install unwanted plugins which are of no use for your website. Even you can disable the plugins which are not being used since a long time. For better performance, always check the plugins for updates as they will be less prone to the attacks.

Use Gzip Compression

Enabling Gzip compression will help your site to load faster at visitor’s end. The best way to enable Gzip compression is cPanel itself. It will boost transfer speed of your website up to 70% of its original size.

Install a Caching Plugin

Use of a caching plugin will help to load the website pages at a faster pace and thus enhance website’s performance. It also optimizes the number of requests made to access the database as cached copies are served whenever a web server requests a page. W3 Total Cache is one of the most common caching plugins available for WordPress users.

Avoid Post Revisions, Drafts, and Spam

To maintain a healthy space in your website’s database, you should always avoid the unnecessary revisions of older posts and store unwanted pages into drafts. Revisions are autosave and store a new copy of your article into the database every time. Also, you should regularly keep removing spam comments and unwanted pingbacks to save space.

All these factors will help you optimize your WordPress website to a greater extent.