Image titleThere are several interesting facts about casino games that you may not know about but therefore they are going to make your next visit to gambling place more exciting:

Word `casino` has the Italian roots and translated as small villa or house. These 2 words are terms that used for the describing of the place that build for pleasure and entertainment.


First casino was opened in 1638 in Venice by Casanova who had decided that casino is the suitable place for his entertainments. Moreover, earlier casino was not the place for gambling games but for sport and other ways of relaxing.


One cannot determine the fixed data of the appearance of casino games. It is known that people played more than 2000 B.C. One more interesting fact that casino games appeared in the all parts of the world. They were exciting time spending for ancient Greeks, Chinese and other old nations.


The first slot machine was created in 1809 by Charles Fay with such prizes as beer and cigarettes. The first generation of slots was poker themed. However, it brought some problems with the payouts for all winning combinations. The next generation of emulators was called `bell machines`.


The use of nonmonetary winning payouts (beer, cigarettes, chewing gum) was highly widespread in the great amount of states in order to avoid the law against gambling.Bar with symbols became popular in slot machines because of giving prizes in the form of chewing gum with the fruit taste. That is why in classical themed slot games you will meet fruits. The popular patterns `cherry` and `mellow` are based on the old logo of Bell Fruit Gum Company.

Four Kings, used in the common deck of the cards are the prototypes of the real kings from the different cultures. The King of Clubs is Alexander The Great, King of Spades – legendary David King, King of Diamonds – Caesar and King of Hearts – Carl the Great. In that way, kings are presented different cultures from Greece to Rome Empire.  

One said that poker is the reason for sandwich appearance. John Montepo is the fourth earl Sandwich that liked to play poker. He was really plunged into this game that did not want to stand up for the pause to dinner. As a result, he decided to create the sandwich that includes the meat between 2 pieces of the bread.

Everything is simple, but of genius!