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Adding to this feature is the unique aspect that makes gettingpayday loans houston all the more easier. The new scheme, ‘Extend your Payday’ deals with ways to return your payday loans in a longer time span. Launching this scheme, Vice President, Catherine Jones, stated that, ‘’with help of this feature, more and more people will be able to take up such emergency loans without much of a tension regarding paying them back. There is ample time for paying back the amount.’’

This scheme, clearly states that the time period of payday loans will be extended from a period of 11 days to that of 5 months, in case of special conditions. Not just that, the range of borrowing is within $3000-$10000 in cases of emergency. It can be increased to a certain extent, with further appeals. Clearly, we ensure at TexasPaydayLenders ensure that our customers get the best of facilities with us.

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