Pharmaceutical companies and sales companies must comply with regulations pertaining to healthcare license verification. Consider if medical samples got into the wrong hands because they were dropped off at a previous address the doctor had five years ago. People could get injured and the company could face liability. Consider the need to use a real-time license verification database.


Is the medical facility eligible to receive samples in compliance with the PDMA, DQSA, and other regulations? A database can let companies find out this crucial info.

Accurate Data

Searches should be flexible so searchers can determine the medical provider's name, state license number, address, designation, and other key information.

Improve Sales Operations

Besides protecting the company and people, sales operations are better when data is verified. This includes affiliations, drug schedules, and more.

One Page Reports

Reports keep information right at your fingertips. Get the latest data printed out in a convenient one-page report for easy reference.