Sports are a great way to build up strength and become more physically active. According to the statistics, 84% of young Canadians take part in different kinds of sports. This is a really enormous number that shows how sport-based Canada is. In fact, the most popular activity is swimming in Canada. The percentage of people, who are keen on swimming, is 40%. But a lot of teens dream to be hockey players, which is too pricey for some families. In fact, the cost of hockey makes 1\3 of Canadian parents pull their kids out of this sport. Let’s dive into this controversial topic to find out its drawbacks and benefits.

Here are the pieces of advice for managing child’s sport career that are based on other parents’ experience - take a lesson from those ones and don’t make the same mistakes!

1) Create a stable budget

80% of Canadian families have been borrowing money or used their retirement savings to continue the child’s sports activity. Moreover, 60% of Canadians believe that their flesh and blood must be a sportsman no matter the cost. In others words - they will dig a financial pit for themselves.

Firstly, you should know that making a stable budget will not only manage your money, but will define it from another spending. Secondly, you will avoid taking loans and paying them off during many months.

Although if you faced unexpected outgoings, take small online payday loans. Payday loans can be paid off faster than other types of debt. Moreover, making an online deal will economise your time too, but make sure to turn to the relaible loan lenders.

2) Find out a suitable type of sport

Don’t forget to look up different websites which will give you the information about the cost of training, equipment and frequency of travelling and so on. If you don’t have money on hockey (which is the second most expensive sport in Canada), try to offer your child other options like basketball or soccer.

3) Handle unpredicted expenses

As it was mentioned earlier, there will be unexpected payments. For instance, when your child will become trained valuable athlete, he\she will need to travel a lot. It will include not only expenses on gas but meal, temporary dwelling and etc. Some stuff your child needs, can be used only once or seldom in particular occasions. Make sure to think beforehand about these situations.

4) Use it again

As time goes by, you will need to buy new equipment from time to time. However, don’t rush to the sports shops and solve a problem in a creative way. You have an opportunity to use it again. For example, if your child is a hockey player and needs a new hockey stick, you can lengthen it.

5) Economise on gear

Sometimes reusing things do not work and you still need to buy new gear. Be sure that you buy things in Canadian chain stores because they provide equipment with smaller mark-ups. Lastly, avoid getting anything in retail stores due to higher prices on popular stuff.

6) Child’s actions

You as a parent will spend a certain part of your income to continue kid’s activity. Also, you can incorporate your child in this. Being on a summer part-time job, for example, may give more opportunities to develop in sports. No money is too much, obviously.

Raising a sportsman takes a lot of planning and expenses to make child’s dream come true. But now you are acknowledged about different aspects and you know what you should do.