“Good Customer service is the key to a successful business”

Just like offline business, you need to deliver excellent customer service with you website. In this digital era, each one is competing for its e-existence and remembers that, a single discomfort to any customer will switch him to your competitor. There are many ways in which you can improve your customer service. The most obvious would be by opting some of the best WordPress themes. But what do you exactly mean by “best”? Best means a perfect combination of rich UI and UX. I have curated some of the very easy ways which can help you building your loyal customer database and will increase your conversion ratio.

1.Get yourself known to the customer

Make sure to keep all your details such as location, research centers (if any), contact numbers, email address and atleast name and phone number of your team manager. The main reason behind this when you run your organization or your business via internet, it is just the trust which will bind you and your customer. Provide more information about your company and business with a well written “About Us” Page.

2.Be Available

The key to a successful entrepreneurship is providing great customer service. Make sure you are available via phone, skype, email or any live chat option. This will not only create a trust amongst your customers but also will help you grow. Make sure that queries of customers are addressed in the real time if possible or with minimum delay.

3.Start a Blog

Blog is a very effective way of marketing as well as customer interaction. People get to know your organization, your products and your ideology in the best way. The users can even share their opinion or likes/dislikes about anything they feel in the comment section. If you aren’t having any blog, then it’s the right time to start one. Make sure to share the link of every post on the social media such as your FB page, Twitter page or LinkedIn Page.

4.Social Media connectivity

This is one of the most important means for looking genuine. People often search the social media first and then visit the website. Make sure to have your own FaceBook Page, a twitter handle and a LinkedIn connection for your organization or business. A well written profile would be an added advantage as people will trust you more. Keep posting your blog updates or any information on these portals so as to maintain a stronger and well driven customer relationship.

5.Discounts and Surprises

Make sure to offer discounts and surprises to hold back your loyal customers. Or it may happen that your customer may shift to another website offering a great deal on the same price as offered by you. Not only for the new customers / users but make sure that are your oldies also getting benefitted equally. The maximum advantage can be offered at launch time, anniversary time or the festival season. And make sure that the offer you are giving is tempting enough to attract the new users and at the same time retaining your old customers as well.

Apart from these five, there are other ways also by which you can improve your customer service such as by having good CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. Choose a responsive design while selecting any of the best WordPress themes and make sure it is user friendly as well as offers ease of navigation. I am sure there are many more ways for improve the customer service. Feel free to share your views on this in the comment section below.