Achieving a high amount of conversions on an eCommerce store is a dream of many retailers. Some of them keep pace with the industry and learn to be ahead of the competition. In this article, you will find some commonly used marketing tactics that can benefit you immensely.

Let’s get started!

    Endorse Personalized Approach

Putting a personalization strategy into action is the best way possible to attract your target audience and bring higher conversions. Rather than showing simply products and services on your websites, you can make your websites more sound with the images or videos of your employees, product managers and so on. This way your visitors will feel more connected and would like to spend more time on your website.

You can also choose to have a real-time personalization approach on your Magento web store. A real-time approach is more appealing to the customers as it is highly based on the following:

- behavior & understanding the audience search & purchase trends

- it measures, analyzes & iterate

- and, always respond in real time.

For every online retailer, it is paramount to first analyze the target audience, purchasing preferences and then improving customer adherence on the store. This way you can offer your customers a tailored shopping experience which they are looking for.

    Fascinate with Improved Content Marketing

An improved and original content on your web store is nothing but a successful key to attracting the customers to build a bond with you.

Try to find out more intuitive ways to generate content and attract customers to read them. A very few amount of people are interested in reading our whole about us page of any other. A few best examples to draw audience attention towards your website is to

- Blogs

- Newsletters

- posting typographical videos or slides etc.

Simply drain your mind to get heard by your target audience. If you succeed in making them read on your website and impress them with your writings, they are most probably set to come back. Every custom Magento development services allow you to represent your ideas in multiple forms with a huge library of themes and templates.

    Build a Seamless Mobile-World

Mobile world has made its place in almost every field. It is also not essential to build a mobile app. You are definitely not bound to it. Though, you can make your website mobile-friendly that means you need to optimize it and make offer cross-platform compatibility.

By offering a mobile-friendly interface you can satisfy your customer’s craving for mobile responsiveness.


As per Statcounter, mobile users hold 52% market share worldwide.

With such increase in smartphone users, it has become important to offer a mobile-ready interface so that you can reach your target audience. Whenever you hire expert Magento developers to develop a web store for you, make sure they keep a close eye on the cross-platform compatibility and make it highly responsive.

    Automate Email Marketing

Email is the most prolific marketing tool when it comes to generating awareness among your audience. And, email marketing generally helps you in supplementing content marketing and outperforming both powerful social platforms i.e. Facebook and Twitter. Some important points to consider,

- “70% of consumers utilize discounts or coupons they come to know about via email.”
- “60% of people find it useful to receive special offers and it is the top reason they subscribe to an email list from a brand”, - “DMA- Data & Marketing Association”.
Therefore, every retailer should be proactive and promote the brand via appealing automated email marketing.

    Wipe out Shopping Cart Abandonment

As per Baymard Institute, “an average documented eCommerce cart abandonment rate is recorded to be 69.89%”.
Shopping cart abandonment refers to your regular customers or visitors who add the products in the cart through exit without completing the checkout process. It may be due to several reasons inclusive of hidden taxes, expensive shipping costs, long delivery time and many more.
All you need to do is check for the highest possible reason for your cart abandonment and fix it as soon as possible. You can opt for Magento’s one step checkout option or offer free shipping or offering customers with their preferred mode of payment/delivery.

    Skillful Customer Support

The job of a retailer is not completed till the time customer is not satisfied with the service or product purchased from you. One should always ensure excellent customer support starting from the day 1 when a visitor comes to the website.

A major no. of consumers would definitely leave your website without an intended purchase if encountered with a low or poor customer service. Thus, if you fail to provide your customers with a great customer service, you may lose them for sure.

You can offer them a dedicated service over various platforms like E-mail, Live chat, Phone, Social Media and so forth.


Every strategy and methods mentioned above are impactful though you need to choose one as per your industry and target audience.