When the fields are harvested, there is a bounty of food products to distribute. Many of them are dry goods that travel long distances, such as rice and beans. These products would be impractical to package in small bags or individually. Bulk bags are the answer to storing and distributing many types of dry goods.

What are Bulk Bags?

Bulk bags are also referred to as flexible intermediate bulk containers, big bags, and super sacks. These huge bags can hold hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds of dry goods. They are made from durable yet flexible material, such as polypropylene. This allows the bags and goods to shift during transport without breaking to reduce losses.

Storage and Transport

The material used to make bulk bags is breathable yet protects dry goods from moisture and the external elements. As a result, the goods are safe for distribution and consumption once they are repackaged for consumer use. 

Save Money and Space

Bulk bags are affordable and can be customized for all types of requirements. Plus, they help businesses save money and space. This can boost the company's bottom line, a major concern for agricultural industries today.