When the spring and summer arrive, thoughts turn to outdoor activities and a clean Florida roof. The answer to the home is simple. A clean roof increased curb appeal and prolongs the life of the roof.

The Formation of Mold

It's not unusual to see extensive growth of black mold, algae, and lichen on the north, west and northwest areas of a roof. Plants spores constantly land on a home's exterior surfaces, and the morning dew creates a moist environment on the roof that is shaded during the morning. This causes the black, green and spotty growth that is unsightly and also undermines asphalt shingles and underlying decking.

Power Washing from a Pro

The solution is to clean the affected parts of the roof. A reputable pressure washing company has the know-how to safely scrub a residential roof with a power washer and water. The technician may recommend a roofing shampoo which is environmentally-friendly but also contains an algaecide to kill biological growth and keep it from returning. A pro knows what needs to be done without damaging the roof.

Plus, getting the roof cleaned instantly makes your house look better. You can immediately notice the improved curb appeal.