As a novice, you have learnt how to customize, add plugins, writing posts but Wait!!! Your changes aren’t getting reflected… This can be quite frustrating. There can be several reasons behind the non updation of template. In this article I have tried to cover as many reasons and their solutions as possible.

Reason 1: Browser Cache

The first step to troubleshoot is clearing your browser cache. The first time you open any web page, it takes some time. But the next time, it opens within a fraction of second. This is because your browser stores the web page temporarily in its cache so that it is reloaded from your computer’s end not from actual site. Solution is to go to internet options and clear or empty the cache. Now try refreshing or reloading your page. If it’s not working then try opening the same page in another browser.

Reason 2: Server-side caching

Some web-hosting services come with an inbuilt cache plugin so as to make loading/reloading of page a bit quicker. You need to contact the helpline or support team of web-host providers to turn off the plugins if any.

Reason 3: WordPress cache Plugin

May be you have installed a third party cache plugin. A good plugin clears the cache whenever page/post/comment is published. If changes aren’t getting reflected then follow the instructions of the plugin on how to clear the cache. Another option is to clear the WordPress cache from the admin panel. Under Settings click ‘WP-Cache’ and then ‘Disable’. Now try reloading your page and see if the changes are getting reflected or not.

Reason 4: Permissions to write

Be very sure about the page you are editing has write permissions to it. It can be checked by right clicking on the page, go to properties and see if the ‘write’ checkbox is checked or not. Make sure the permissions are CHMOD 777 or 775 i.e. they have the read and write permissions.

Reason 5: check the source path

It is indeed a very common mistake yet error made by the finest of coders also. Check for the filename and its path. A slight variation like spelling mismatch, check for the camel notation, adding an extra slash (means you are adding another directory) etc may lead to non updation of the web page. Even check the page you are viewing is the correct one. Some page names may seem similar like index.htm or index1.htm. Even check your file status on your FTP server. Sometimes it may happen the edited file may not have completely over-ridden the original one. Try deleting the original file and then upload the edited version. Also double check the folder or directory you are uploading. Make sure it’s the right one.

Reason 6: compatibility issue

It may happen that the best WordPress template you are using is not compatible with the latest version. Or, the plugins need an update to fully support the newer version. If the update is not available or they aren’t getting updated try for the new plugins or themes. It might work now.

Dry Run the code: After doing all this, if still the change isn’t getting reflected or your template is not getting updated, make a big change in any of the file, now see. If the things are still the same, go for a dry run that is step by step checking the code. Check for the URL settings and database connections. And still if the situation is same, take a backup of your code and post your problem on the WordPress Forum. The experts are always available to guide you.