Even though the economic situation seems to be more stable than in the past few years, the reliable financial experts conclude that most of the Americans from the middle class live from paycheck to paycheck. The reasons for this phenomenon vary according to the individual financial circumstances of every family.

Still, it’s crucial to find the universal solution. While it’s the fate of the potential major party, this article contains the reasons of the practical financial dissonance. The wise person will definitely make own conclusions and generate the winning strategy of the successful living. This is exactly what you need if you think that you can live better.

Shocking Truth

According to the research of Polly Mosendz, 18% of people, who earn from $100,000 to $149,999, don’t save money. It simply means that their saving accounts hardly have a dollar. While most of the rich and middle-class people underestimate the importance of the emergency or saving fund, they are gradually getting closer to the day when they regret about living a thoughtless financial life. The fact is that it happens to millions of Americans, no matter what life habits they have and how much they earn.

The reasons for ignoring emergency funds can be different. Most of the people simply have no need for it until they face the tough financial times. It is a decent option to use help of services like BusinessLoanGate.com and deal with urgent financial issues right away. Saving can also come in handy, which can prevent you from falling into the trap and overcoming difficult financial period without losses.

The Main Reason of Failing to Save

Unawareness and lack of knowledge are usually the main reasons of the ignorance to save. Still, some financial experts are sure that the destructive influence of the debts is huger and more dangerous. Debts are the product of human’s bad spending habits – we are simply addicted to spending. That’s a fact but not the worst thing. The worst thing is that 41% of the Americans spend more than they earn. It was proved by the 2013 Investor Education Foundation FINRA survey. What is the resource for the extra money? Loans and debts. The other research by a Pew found out that 39% of the Americans have credit card debts. It seems that the relation is obvious.

Bas spending habits are reflected in the lifestyle. So, if you aren’t satisfied with the way you live, you should probably consider your spending habits. The issue of the right financial strategy and budget will be omitted in the article, though it’s a crucial but clear moment.

Is There a Solution?

It seems like the elections won’t change the situation substantially. Still, the truth is that around 75% of the Americans live paycheck to paycheck. What is the successful part of the population and what strategy do they use to ignore saving? Probably, the answer covers the income but that’s the topic of some other article.

Representatives of the mid-class should learn how to save and spend rather than how to earn. Ignoring the income, it’s crucial to understand the main rules of the processes in order to forget the scaring principle ‘paycheck to paycheck’. If you tired of applying for loans and paying off debts with sky-high interests, of looking for the money at the end of the month, and thinking about the additional source of income, you must simply consider your saving and spending habits. Obviously, it’s a part of the winning strategy but it’s the first stage of the successful financial future.