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A warm hello to all online friends! It does not matter how dynamic or attractive your WordPress blog may be. It is difficult to attract the attention of audience if your blog has not been displayed on any site of social media like Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter. Of course this task may take some more time to show relevant posts on sites of social media. It is also easy to forget updating your blog at social media sites. The plugins that we are telling you about can streamline the procedure of highlighting your blog at social media platforms. In this post we will tell you about WordPress social media feed plugins and their review.

List of Social Media Plugins at WordPress

1) CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a popular all in one calendar that allows you to take care of your blog posts as well as social media accounts with the help of a simple interface. In some cases you can of course do cross posting as well. Rescheduling a post is very easy that carries the feature with a comfortable drop and drag. Multiple users at WordPress will get the facility of doing team management. The paid versions of this plugin tool will simply do additions of extra users and extra networks of social media. However free versions have basic functions but restricts you to remain with five accounts and not more.

2) AccessPress Social Auto Post

This plugin does not have any kind of free version. It has a paid version and needs a onetime payment to get it. This social media plugin enables users to get connected to unlimited accounts of Facebook, and Twitter. Other social media account types may not get supported but you will have to pay $20 as a single time fee. This plugin is lower in functions than other ones on WordPress.

3) HYPESocial Buffer

This is a popular social media plugin at WordPress. It has a user panel that has rich features and enables you to manage your website and blog. It allows you to get connected to your social media sites from a single account. It has extra added functionality and involves scheduling of customs and shortening of automated URL. The paid version of this plugin runs well for one year for one site. This plugin has a small business license that gives support to two or more social media sites.

4) Jetpack

Jetpack provides a suite at your WordPress themes pack with several enhanced features like advanced statistics and sophisticated comment system. You can add comments to your blog through your social media accounts. This is a very fair and valid post to post commenting tool. The main benefit of this social media plugin is simplicity to use and easy accessibility. You can easily use this plugin because it is already connected to social media sites like Google Plus and Pinterest.

5) Juicer

Juicer is a renowned social media organizer that faces the public well. It does automatic sorting from all social media that have been connected to your WordPress website or blog. Its free version has many precious functions however it is limited to submit a single feed per hour. The paid version of this plugin powered by WordPress allows doing social media updates in every 10 minutes.

6) Micro Blog Poster

This media plugin at WordPress links up with nearly all types of accounts concerned with social media. You can easily connect more than one account for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. You can easily schedule posts at social media about the content that has already got published before. The best part of this plugin is that it is available for free.

Conclusion:- Social media plugins at WordPress can help you to make your blog threads reach to unlimited readers on the web. Some of these plugins are paid ones and others are available for free. You can know more in this concern by checking our SKT Theme review then decide these social media plugins are best or not .