We all have gotten through numerous essays as schools, colleges and university. And we all have gotten back some of those essays with bad red marks on papers because of doltish mistakes. Let’s face it. Everybody makes mistakes. But you shouldn’t get depressed of it and insult your intelligence, as all the mistakes are supposed to be your experience. You have to analyze them and not to re-act in the future. Or you can adopt experience other people’s experience.

College students know that writing a good essay is a daunting task. If you want to succeed, you should be skilled enough to develop thoughts logically, using correct grammar and appropriate stylistic references. There are some certain rules of essay writing as well as common essay mistakes. Don’t neglect this experience and analyze these types of errors in order not to make them. Here are some, the most "popular" mistakes and some pieces of advice how to avoid them in your writing.

Vocabulary mistakes are the most frequently encountered errors. It is natural that students must not use such elements as colloquialisms, slang, jargon and everyday speech elements in essay paper. Make sure that you are not misusing homonyms (like ‘here’ and ‘hear’, ‘knew’ and ‘new’, etc), using wrong word forms and confusing words, similar in spelling, sound and meaning. Remember that words like ‘wanna’ and ‘kinda’ can be understood by the reader, but they must be avoided in academic writing.

Stylistic mistakes are often made by the students as they can’t use correct style. For creating a successful essay it is crucial to avoid word repetition, making too long\short sentences, using too many coordinating conjunctions and too formal/informal words and phrases.

Content mistakes are ‘hidden reefs’ in essay writing. Remember that an introduction and a conclusion must be present in your paper. The first one must provide the background for the rest of the text and the second fulfils a function of a summary. Provide the examples, quotations for all the ideas and thoughts in your paper. Make sure that you write paper with a thesis statement that provides with some hints about the way the topic is going to be developed. However, keep in mind that you must develop this thesis statement and support with enough ideas.

There are some helpful services online, like dissertation writing services reviews and others. You can ask professional writers to edit your paper and say what parts should be rewritten. But if you feel that you can do it on your own, don’t be afraid as it is a chance for you to get more experienced in essay writing.

Here are a few tips you should know:

Proper use of punctuation marks (commas, colons, semicolons). Very often students make unfortunate punctuation mistakes in essay writing. Consult good grammar books or your educator, search in the Internet and examine your essay carefully for punctuation. Make sure every punctuation symbol is in the correct place.

Prove some evidence. Consider yourself as a lawyer and try to prove any thought or idea in your paper with the help of documentation, research, etc. Evidence attaches value to your essay and turns pure thoughts into academic writing.

Avoid repetitions. Sometimes it seems so good to discuss one idea in all paragraphs, but in fact it is unprofessional and boring. Check whether each paragraph has a different focus, but welcome the main idea.

Avoid plagiarism. If you take somebody’s text or thoughts and use it as your own, you may be sure that educators can authenticate your paper with the help some programs. Whether you are using somebody’s clever idea or statement, make sure that you cite the real author.

Remember that every paper is your chance to become the master of essay writing and get more experienced. Practice writing skills and try not to commit above-described errors.