Making a schedule is good, but not enough. You should also organize all your papers and tasks. You can make different notes and plans to remember all important occasions.

Organization will also bring all your things in order. Make sure you have a list of all tasks with deadlines and other important information written down. You can even use a reminder system to get your mind free of all dates and obligations. You should just shift this responsibility on gadgets and decrease the level of obligations.

Time Management

First of all, you have to divide all work into definite parts and make some breaks. Try to plan ahead your homework not to rush at the last moment. For Example, Aussie students can always rely on the best essay from Australian writers and get their homework done in short time and on a good level.

Study Atmosphere

Students find it important where and how they study. Most people need to stay alone and have enough free space. Thus you should find such place to decrease external stimulus. You may try to use aromatherapy in order to create a good study environment.

Try to play some classic music in a background, unless it distracts you. The other good advice is to turn off all gadgets that can distract you.

Learning Style

People are all different in their type of perception. You may be a kinesthetic, visual or auditory. Thus it is really important how you are studying. When you understand how you perceive information, you should use this for your studying practice. In such way, it will turn much easier to you to learn the same material quicker and more effective.


Visualization is a good way to succeed your goals decreasing the stress level. You should just imagine yourself fulfilling your plans and achieving goals.

Make as many details as possible to create a really interesting and desirable image. This will show you what you really want and stay determined on this goal. Your further success now depends on your determination and hard work.


This is a definite way of thinking that helps people to overcome stress and difficulties easier. You should learn what things and events need your attention and not get nervous about any unimportant situations. Such attitude to life will make your health stronger and your life less stressful, bringing happiness into your everyday life. So it is worth thinking what glasses to wear each day.

These are basic techniques to make your life easier and not so stressful. Use them and think of your own to make your student life the most memorable and joyful period of life.